Try Not to Squirm While Watching This Video About Dust Mites


You may not realize it, but you are shedding. While it doesn’t come off in one fell swoop like a snake’s hide, humans are constantly leaving behind tiny flakes of skin. Combine that skin with a lot of other teensy little things, and dust is created. Living and thriving amongst all that dust is the humble dust mite who, as seen in the above video from KQED’s Deep Look, happens to have a taste for your skin flakes.

Described as a “roommate who leaves his crap around,” the dust mite isn’t the animal kingdom’s most regal member—but it sure knows how to make itself at home. Watch the above video for more. (You may feel compelled to do a load of laundry afterwards ... just try not to go overboard.)

Banner images via KQED // YouTube