Experience the Torment of Cinematic Writer’s Block With This Supercut

Caitlin Schneider

Actors get a lot of guff for being self-obsessed, but writers are pretty absorbed in their own lives (and craft) too, the evidence of which can be seen in the many filmic representations of authorial agony.

In the above supercut, editors Ben Watts and Ivan Kander have strung together scenes from 53 movies, from The Shining (1980) to Young Adult (2011), for four minutes of stalled creative ambition (and, thankfully, some relief).

There’s lots of blank pages, pondering over computers and typewriters, fingers hovering over keys, blinking cursors, staring into the middle distance, pep talks, bad first lines, a foul word or two (be warned), crumpled paper, and a lot of drinking. Is this stressing you out? We promise it's more fun to watch than experience in real life. Though, to be honest, it’s also a great way to procrastinate if you happen to be in the thick of writer's block yourself.

[h/t Slate]

Banner image: Vimeo