This Wooden Pavilion Was Stitched Together by Robots

Shaunacy Ferro

ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2015-16 from ICD on Vimeo.

This German pavilion is more than just a giant architectural funnel cake. It’s also a major step for architectural robots.

A group of researchers from the University of Stuttgart in Germany made up of architects, engineers, biologists, and paleontologists worked together on the pavilion meant to demonstrate the capabilities of robotic textile fabrication. The design of the structure (spotted by Curbed) was inspired by the biology of sea urchins.

According to the team, “The pavilion is the first of its kind to employ industrial sewing of wood elements on an architectural scale.” The 151 wooden segments (as thin as 3 millimeters in places) were fabricated and sewn with a robotic arm. The pieces were then put together into a 915-square-foot pavilion on-site by human workers.

Thanks for the shady seating area, robots.

[h/t Curbed]

All images via Vimeo