There's Now a Faster, Easier Way to Send GIFs Via Text Message

Andrew LaSane

Responding to text messages with the perfect reaction GIF can be a laborious process, but those days may be over thanks to GIPHY KEYS, a keyboard app that lets users toss out a word or phrase prompt to receive a series of well-matched GIFs to choose from—all without leaving a conversation.

The tool is already integrated into Twitter, Tinder, Facebook, Gmail, and other apps, according to GIPHY, but with the new iOS keyboard, users can take full advantage of the "infinite library" of mini moments to help express what words alone never could. The GIPHY KEYS keyboard also includes a Trending Feed of popular images if you just want a random slice of internet goodness. The app—whenever you're ready to have your emotions visually represented—is available for free download now.

[h/t Tech Crunch]

Images via GIPHY