New SNES Controller Lets You Play Retro Games on Your Phone

Alvin Ward
Amazon / Amazon

Smartphone games have come a long way, but there is something to be said about holding an actual controller. This Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Bluetooth game controller looks and feels just like the one you grew up with, but with a modern spin. The controller comes with a special clip that lets you attach your smartphone to create a makeshift handhold console. It connects to your device via Bluetooth or USB, and is compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

Android users can run emulation apps and play retro games using ROM files, but iOS users will need to jailbreak their phones if they want to play, as Apple doesn't allow emulation apps. That said, iPhone users can still use the dual-keyboard system to play multiplayer games. You can get the wireless controller here, and the clip here. You can also get the two together at The Daily Dot store

This isn't the first SNES innovation: You can also get wireless controllers for your actual Super Nintendo. 

[h/t The Daily Dot]