Turn Your Favorite Instagram Photo Into Personalized Swim Trunks

Kirstin Fawcett

Attention, Instagram addicts/aspiring fashion designers: luxury swimwear designer Orlebar Brown recently launched an app, #SnapShorts, that lets you transform your favorite photos into personalized swim trunks, Bloomberg reports. Simply upload a prized pic into the app, zoom and crop the image, and press "Order." Voila!—wearable, waist-high art.

Orlebar Brown's new app (version 2.0) is an update of a prior version, which allowed contest winners to create Instagram-inspired trunks for free. Now, would-be runway designers can purchase their own custom creations, starting at $595 per pair.

Get inspired with the video above, and download the Orlebar Brown app from the Apple store or Google Play. You can also check out the browser version online.

[h/t Bloomberg]

Banner image courtesy of Orlebar Brown.