Get Mom a One-of-a-Kind 3D-Printed Replica of You for Mother's Day

Groupon / Groupon

Finding a unique present for Mom each year isn't always easy, but that could be because you're thinking too small. Gizmodo recently reported on a Mother's Day deal that will allow you to give your mom her favorite thing in the whole wide world: more of you.

Groupon and a company called SWIGRO are offering a deal for a life-sized 3D-printed sculpture of yourself. With only one available for $30,000, the gift ranks among the most original (and somewhat scary) things that money can buy.

The deal covers the cost of the sculpture (printed with one of the largest 3D printers in existence), travel to and from the lab where your body scans would be taken, and shipping and handling to anywhere in the continental United States. "Unlike busy adult children, life-sized 3D-printed models do not have hectic schedules," the Groupon deal reads. "While your mom can’t claim this life-size replica of you as a dependent on her taxes, she will be able to take it to the movies, drive in the carpool lane, and tell it all about how Darlene is really more of a friend than a hairdresser."

Bill Rogers, Groupon's head of global communication, assured Adweek that the listing is "100 percent legit," adding that Groupon is "big on unique gifts for big holidays ... Last year for Mother's Day, we featured a surrogate son [also completely legit], and we've also offered other bespoke experiences and items found only on Groupon."

If you want to get this for Mom, act fast: The deal ends on Sunday. And let's be clear, you should probably buy this crazy thing. After all, the mother in the photos looks so happy—and what kind of child wouldn't want to bring that kind of joy for their own mom on her special day?

[h/t Gizmodo]

Images via Groupon