William Faulkner's More Obscure Artistic Talent: Drawing


If William Faulkner hadn’t made it as a writer, he probably could have had a career as an illustrator. The Nobel Prize-winning writer is famous for his prose, but early in his life, he also dabbled in the visual arts.

A small collection of his drawings (spotted via Open Culture), largely published in the campus publication Ole Miss at the University of Mississippi, appear in William Faulkner: Early Prose and Poetry.

The drawings, mostly published between 1919 and 1921, are reminiscent of the Jazz Age. Some include jokes, and they're all infused with a certain amount of whimsy.

The book is out of print, but an archived version is online at the Internet Archive if you need a little more Faulkner.

[h/t Open Culture]

All images from William Faulkner: Early Prose and Poetry