Introducing a Robotic Helmet That Can Brush Your Teeth


The world is filled with useful, life-changing gadgets, but this robotic tooth-brushing helmet is not one of them, at least according to the inventor. You may already be familiar with its maker, Simone Giertz, the self-professed "Queen of Sh*tty Robots." In recent months, the Swedish robotics aficionado and YouTube star has made headlines for constructing other pointless (yet brilliant) objects, like a hair-washing robot made from a bottle of shampoo, a rubber hand, and a bunch of servos. Another hilariously futile creation? A popcorn-feeding machine, which Giertz made with Adam Savage of Tested.

Few of Giertz's creations, however, are as mesmerizing to watch as her teeth-cleaning gadget. According to Vice, Giertz built the helmet in 2015, as part of a pilot episode for a kids show about electronics.

"I somehow really like the concept of brushing your teeth," Giertz told Vice. "It's something everyone has to do, but no one really enjoys it."

To the inventor's credit, her helmet makes oral hygiene look fun—even though it likely won't get those popcorn kernels out of your teeth.

Banner image courtesy of YouTube.