Watch How Magnets Change the Physics of This Marble Maze


Mashable recently shared a video of a marble maze that uses magnets of varying sizes to manipulate the path of falling objects. In some areas, the course defines where the marbles go, but in others, the marbles and magnets perform strings of seemingly impossible stunts—without special camera tricks or hidden strings to help them along.

In the video above, the magnetic balls push marbles across hurdles, paper tents flip to let some balls pass before redirecting others, and micromagnet chains swing larger marbles across gaps. The maze was a complex—and sometimes frustrating—project. In the clip's caption, the creator, YouTube user Kaplamino, explains that the project was supposed to be one wide frame shot on his table. However, after 50 failed attempts, he decided to switch things up.

"I'm lazy and [a] perfectionist, with those two things it's hard to finish a project," he wrote, adding that he was planning the concept for three months. "There is more work in this project than you can see in this video, because of how many times I start from scratch."

Take a look at the maze in action above. Warning: After watching it, you'll likely be searching for micromagnets to create your own version.

[h/t Mashable]

Images via YouTube.