You Can Now Take a 'War and Peace' Film Tour of Lithuania

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War and Peace, the BBC's recent six-part adaptation of Russian author Leo Tolstoy’s iconic 19th century novel, was largely filmed in Lithuania. Turns out, the mini-series might be the best thing to happen to the tiny Balkan country’s tourism industry in quite some time: The show is reportedly so popular that the country’s State Department of Tourism has created three new tours of various filming locations, Travel + Leisure reports.

“We feel huge tourist interest and hope that this STD initiative will serve as a starting point for opening up film tourism in Lithuania,” said Jurgita Kazlauskienė, Director of State Department of Tourism, in a release.

Visitors can download an English app that takes them on two walking and biking tours of Vilnius, where much of the series was shot. They’ll be able to see spots like Vilnius University, Lithuania's oldest college, and Gediminas Tower, both of which make appearances in War and Peace. A third tour intended for car drivers passes through much of the countryside, and swings by the famous Trakai Castle, which functions as Tsar Alexander’s residence in the show.

Want to channel your inner Pierre Bezukhov? Maps and information for the film tour routes can be downloaded from the Lithuania Department of Tourism’s website.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]