The Top 10 Companies for New Dads

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The United States is one of the only countries in the world that doesn’t require businesses to offer paid leave for new parents. That means that maternity and paternity leave packages are up to the discretion of individual businesses—and while some offer great packages, others offer nothing at all.

Last fall, Working Mother released a list of the best workplaces for working moms, based on maternity leave and a range of other services, such as flex time. Now, Fast Company reports, Fatherly has released a special report on companies whose policies are particularly friendly toward new dads. The report includes a list of the 50 best companies for new fathers, as well as a breakdown of the industries and regions where the best paternity leave packages are offered.

As shown in the pie chart below, the report found that a full 30 percent of the top companies for new dads were in the tech industry, while 14 percent were in finance, and 12 percent in media. Of the 50 best companies for new dads, meanwhile, more than a third were California-based. Netflix topped the list with a full year of paid paternity leave, while Spotify and Facebook came in second and third place.

“In 2016, it doesn’t matter if you work in finance, pharmaceuticals, tech, or retail: more men are demanding that companies take their role as fathers seriously, and more industries are responding,” the report stated. “Whether it’s innovative policies that encourage leave in chunks through a child’s first year, or companies operating 4-day work weeks to increase their employees’ family time, the companies on these lists are taking the lead in helping this country finally start to get the idea of a family-friendly workplace right.”

Check out the top 10 companies for new dads below, and visit Fatherly to see the full list.

1. Netflix (Up to 52 Weeks Paid Leave)
2. Spotify (24 Weeks Paid Leave)
3. Facebook (17 Weeks Paid Leave)
4. Patagonia (12 Weeks Paid Leave)
5. Bank of America (16 Weeks Paid Leave)
6. Pinterest (16 Weeks Paid Leave)
7. Google (12 Weeks Paid Leave)
8. Microsoft (12 Weeks Paid Leave)
9. LinkedIn (12 Weeks Paid Leave)
10. Twitter (10 Weeks Paid Leave)

[h/t Fast Company]