This Closet-Sized Expandable Sauna Will Fit in Any Space

Shaunacy Ferro

You don’t need to live in a mansion to have a home sauna. A German spa company called Klafs has created a sauna that can fit in even the smallest spaces (as spotted by Gizmodo). Called the S1, it retracts into itself when not in use.

Even if you don’t have a wide-open loft, you can probably still wedge this little sauna in somewhere. It’ll fit anywhere you might stick a bookshelf, as you can see in these photos:

When retracted, it measures just 2 feet deep, and extends to a little more than 5 feet when in use. The sauna comes in three different widths and extends at the touch of a button, with wooden benches that nestle into each other when in storage and an optional double-wide bench if you want to be able to lay side-by-side with another person. Prices aren’t available just yet, but you can bet it will be a little more expensive than your average spa day. But not quite as expensive as a mansion with a built-in spa, we hope.

[h/t Gizmodo]

All images courtesy Klafs