Listen to the Haunting Music of the World’s First Underwater Band

Anna Green

AquaSonic are a group of experimental musicians who perform exclusively underwater. Led by musician and artist Laila Skovmand, the band plays submerged in large glass aquariums, and they view the acoustic properties of water as both a challenge and source of inspiration.

New Scientist reports that Skovmand and her band have been experimenting with underwater music for a decade, and are currently preparing for their first live concert in Rotterdam on May 27. Using a special vocal technique she invented, Skovmand sings through an air bubble, periodically re-surfacing to take a breath. With the help of instrument inventor Andy Cavatorta, AquaSonic modified existing instruments, and developed completely new ones, for use underwater.

Because water changes both the way sound travels and the way instruments work, the band had to invent totally new ways of making music. They created a “crystallophone,” inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s glass harmonica, and a “rotacorda,” inspired by the hurdy-gurdy. The unique aquatic music they produce is otherworldly, occasionally eerie, and totally engrossing. Dive into the music of AquaSonic above, and listen to more of their haunting compositions on their official website.

[h/t New Scientist]

Banner Image Credit: New Scientist, YouTube