Introducing the Floating Hammock of Your Vacation Dreams

Kirstin Fawcett
Hammocraft / Hammocraft

If you’ve ever indulged in a beach or lakeside vacation, you’ve likely faced the ultimate lazy person’s dilemma: Should you relax in a hammock onshore, or enjoy the water? Thanks to the Hammocraft, you can now do both.

According to Outside, the Hammocraft is a sturdy aluminum frame that's designed to be mounted on a raft, paddle boards, or other small watercraft using push-button connectors. Simply hang your hammock from the Hammocraft, climb in, and enjoy drifting along the water as you sway in mid-air. When you’re done with the Hammocraft, you can disconnect it, fold it up, and toss it into a beach bag (if you're traveling, the frame also fits on top of your car).

Up to five hammocks can hang at a time using the Hammocraft, however Travel + Leisure points out that you shouldn’t whip out the foldable frame while, say, whitewater rafting, as it’s bound to tip over easily.

Want one of these fun creations for yourself? Hammocrafts sell for $1000 online—but keep in mind, you’re only buying the frame. You'll have to purchase paddle boards, hammocks and that beach house separately.

[h/t Outside]