This Indian Museum Asks Visitors to Become One With the Art


Most art museums ask visitors to politely enjoy the works from a distance, but at Chennai, India’s newly opened Click Art Museum, audience interaction isn’t just encouraged, it’s the whole point.

As the India Times reports, the museum features 24 works of 3D trompe l'oeil-style illusions by artist AP Shreethar that beg visitors to jump in. It’s the first museum of its kind in the country (others draw crowds in Korea, Singapore, Bali, and Thailand), and contains everything from a selfie-taking chimp to Bruce Lee kicking his way out from the confines of a picture frame.

Shreethar told The New Indian Express, “In this museum every piece of art is complete only when the viewer enters the frame.”

For those new to the experience of interactive art, the museum offers a short tour and tutorial to help visitors get the best possible photo with each piece. To see the many colorful illusions, check out Click Art Museum’s Facebook page, and a few of our favorites below.

[h/t India Times]

All images courtesy of Facebook.