Ten and a Half Minutes of Double Dare Prizes

Jason English

I've been watching a lot of Family Double Dare on YouTube with my five-year-old daughter. We skip ahead to the obstacle course, which she loves for the intense drama and general messiness. But for me it's all about the prizes. From Garfield phones to Kay-Bee gift certificates to Lyle Alzado workout videos, they really capture the era. (Double Dare and its various spinoffs aired roughly 500 episodes between 1986-93.)

In our endless search for episodes we haven't already watched, I found what's been missing from my life the past 25 years: "Ten & A Half Minutes Of Double Dare Prizes," heroically uploaded by Dimitri Simakis. Set aside ten (and a half) minutes and think how much gak you'd crawl through to win these:

Last year we interviewed Double Dare's art director about some of the more memorable obstacles. If you've got another few minutes to spare, check it out.