Watch the Pages of This Pop-Up Book Transform Into Elaborate 3D Shapes


Artist Tauba Auerbach has taken the pop-up book to a new level. Her recent project [2, 3] is an oversized pop-up book in which paper unfolds and unfurls into 3D geometric sculptures, some up to 18 inches tall. The colorful abstract shapes are captivating on their own, but watching—and listening—to them take shape is an especially unique experience.

In the short video above, released by Nowness, filmmaker Sam Fleischner captures the experience of leafing through Auerbach’s pop-up book. Focusing on both the visual and aural dimensions of the work, the video reveals how flat pages transform into 3D shapes, and captures the soft creaking of each piece of paper as it unfolds.

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner Image Credit: NOWNESS, YouTube