Old Toys Get New Parts to Teach Kids About Organ Donation

Michele Debczak

A torn arm or a missing ear is the sign of a well-loved stuffed animal. But for kids looking to extend their toys' lives even longer, a company in Japan is performing toy transplants using parts from donated plushies, Rocket News 24 reports. The best part is that it aims to teach kids about organ transplants at the same time.

It's estimated that just 10 percent of the global need for organ donation is being met. In Japan, where only 300 out of 14,000 people on a waiting list will receive a transplant, things look even more dismal than they do in most developed countries. Japanese children waiting for a donation face their own list of challenges to overcome.

In an effort to spark conversation around this important topic, the company Second Life Toys is inviting kids to send them their beaten-up stuffed animals. Toys in need of fixing are matched with a donor, and the donated toy's part is then transplanted to the recipient, making them look even better than they did before. You can check out some examples of the reborn creations below, and if you'd like to donate an old toy of your own you can visit their website.

[h/t Rocket News 24]

Images courtesy of Second Life Toys.