Netflix Saves You From Six Days’ Worth of Ads a Year

Shaunacy Ferro
iStock / iStock

If you’ve given up your cable subscription in favor of streaming television shows and movies on Netflix, you’re saving yourself from a lot of ads. About six days’ worth a year, according to rough calculations by (spotted via The Washington Post).

The site devoted to streaming news and tutorials came to that figure using data released by Netflix as part of a recent quarterly letter to shareholders and a keynote speech made by the company’s CEO at the CES this year. Its 75 million users watch 125 million hours of content on the app each day, meaning that on average, subscribers watch 1.66 hours per day. Compare those 1.66 commercial-less hours to the 15 minutes and 38 seconds of ads included in each hour of cable TV (that’s according to Nielsen [PDF]), and you find that Netflixing saves about around 158.5 hours of ads per year compared to the equivalent hours of watching cable television. You're still spending that amount of time in front of the television, but at least you're watching what you want, instead of being bombarded with images of junk food and prescription drugs. 

[h/t The Washington Post]