Track Your Package in Real Time With This New UPS Feature

Andrew LaSane
iStock / iStock

When you're expecting an important package to arrive at your doorstep, the words "out for delivery" can be simultaneously reassuring and anxiety-inducing. Thankfully, the days of looking down the street for a brown truck to arrive may be over. According to The Verge, UPS recently launched a new tracking feature that allows customers to see exactly where their package is in real time.

On the day that a package is scheduled to arrive, customers with access to the feature—called "Follow My Delivery"—receive an email with a link to the standard tracking information and the new map interface. While it doesn't show the driver's exact route, the map shows an updated location every two to three minutes, a feature that no other major U.S. carrier offers, according to an infographic posted to the UPS website [PDF].

Follow My Delivery is currently only available to UPS My Choice members who use the company's UPS Air or UPS Worldwide Express services, but it is expected to be made available for other UPS services in the future.

[h/t The Verge]