Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Fly Your Drone at a Medieval Festival

Michele Debczak

Every year at the Rusborg festival in Russia, Early Middle Ages enthusiasts gather to drink, toss around javelins, and show off their best tights. It’s not the most inviting atmosphere for 21st century technology, as one drone pilot discovered in this video reported by RT.

Most of the footage recorded earlier this week shows aerial views of the fairgrounds as grown adults attack each other with medieval-era weapons. The scene is more or less what you’d expect from a historical reenactment festival, until one of the participants decides to hurl his spear at the camera and knock it out of the sky. 

The lance reportedly had a softened tip, so the quadcopter wasn’t destroyed, just temporarily taken out of commission. At a three-day festival where modern footwear is forbidden and all drinks must be consumed from horns or authentic mugs, perhaps the drone pilot should have known what they were getting into. Despite any poor judgment on their part, the owner was compensated for all damages by the spear-thrower responsible. 

[h/t RT]

All images courtesy of YouTube.