What You See In This Wire Sculpture Changes Based On Perspective


Let's address the elephant in the room...or is it a giraffe? Gizmodo recently shared this wire sculpture by French artist Matthieu Robert-Ortis that expertly uses perspective to present two separate works of art in one. Installed near the Paroisse Notre-Dame des Blancs-Manteaux in Paris, the animal-themed piece was placed against a white background to help the images stand out more. Looking at the sculpture from the right side reveals the outline of an elephant, but when the viewer shifts to the left, the elephant disappears and is replaced by two giraffes holding each other's tails in their mouths. 

Robert-Ortis has also created impressive sculptures that transition from man to crab, octopus to kangaroos, and other concrete and abstract objects. To see more of this mind-boggling art, check out the artist's personal website.

[h/t Gizmodo]

Images via YouTube