Watch a Family of Elephants Help a Calf Across a Slippery Patch of Mud


Elephants are incredibly intelligent, social animals. They’ve been known to use tools, distinguish between different human languages, and comfort one another in times of distress. But while it’s common knowledge that elephants are smart, empathetic creatures, seeing elephant teamwork in action is still pretty awe-inspiring.

In the short video above, from the BBC series Natural World, a family of elephants works together to help rescue a newborn elephant calf, first from a thick patch of slippery mud, and second, from sliding down a steep embankment. When the herd realizes the baby elephant is in trouble, they immediately turn back to help, working as one to pull the baby away from danger, using their trunks and legs to stabilize the little calf. A moving portrait of elephant collaboration, the video also reveals how elephants communicate with each other non-verbally, and provides a bit of insight into the social world of these fascinating animals.

[h/t Mashable]

Banner Image Credit: BBC, YouTube