You Can Now Create GIFs With The Simpsons Quote Search Engine

Andrew LaSane

After 27 years on television,The Simpsons has contributed a lot to pop culture, including a number of memorable quotes. We recently covered Frinkiac, a search engine that helps users find stills to match those famous one-liners. Now, according to Gizmodo, the site has added a tool that allows users to string together screenshots and build GIFs.

To use the GIF maker, users first search for the appropriate one-liner. Then, they highlight all of the screenshots that match the quote (making sure that the compilation isn't longer than four seconds), and click "Build" to let the site do the rest.

We tested the new feature to see how it works. Check out a few of our creations below.

"You've never licked maple syrup off your lover's stomach?"

"You better not be in my ass-groove!"

"Everything's comin' up Milhouse"


"You choo-choo-choose me?"

[h/t Gizmodo]Images via Frinkiac