Instagram Baker Makes Amazingly Adorable Doughnuts

Instagram / Instagram

Instagram is filled to the gills with pretty baked goods, including a number of accounts dedicated to beautifully done cookies. Australian baker Vickie Liu also makes some attractive cookies, but what makes her account unique is her collection of adorable doughnuts. Some of her creations sport vibrant frostings and glazes while others have little animal faces and ears. Often the baked goods will have ombre frosting, glitter, or small flower petals for flourish. Our favorite from the mouthwatering assortment are these cat-shaped doughnuts made with dark chocolate brownie doughnuts and matcha glaze. As a self-proclaimed "professional eater," Liu also includes pictures of her meals and baked goods from other bakers, so if you follow her, your feed is guaranteed to be filled with beautiful, sugary goodness.