These Posters Pay Homage to Iconic Movie Sneakers

Sons of Wolves
Sons of Wolves / Sons of Wolves

The idea that "clothes make the man" isn't just true in life, it's true in the land of make believe, too. An actor's costuming—if done well—can become just as memorable or iconic as the performance itself. Gizmodo recently shared a series of posters that focus on one article of clothing in particular: famous movie footwear.

From the Reebok Stompers that Ripley wore in 1986's Aliens (which were recently re-released), to the Bride's Onitsuka Tigers from Kill Bill (2003), the posters feature illustrations of nine different models from eight different films, all dangling from power lines as sneakers often do in real-world urban environments. The three posters, currently on sale through Son of Wolves, contain the same shoes on different color backgrounds, and come in three sizes so you can feature these cinematic sneaks as prominently as your heart desires.

See if you can figure out the filmic inspiration for each pair.

From left to right: Converse All Stars from Back to the Future (1985); Adidas Rom Zissou from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004); Nike Bruin from Back to the Future, Nike MAG from Back to the Future II (1989); Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi from Kill Bill (2003); Reebok Hi-Top Alien Stompers from Aliens (1986); Adidas Official from Blade Runner (1982); Adidas Country from Beverly Hills Cop (1984); and Nike Vandal from Terminator (1984).

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