Famous Late Bloomers Who Achieved Career Success

Funders and Founders
Funders and Founders / Funders and Founders

It’s easy to compare yourself to musical prodigies like jazz pianist Joey Alexander, or tech wunderkinds like Mark Zuckerberg, and think you’ve missed your chance for success in a particular field because you’re already “too old.” However, lots of important people didn’t find their true calling until they were well into mid-to-late adulthood.

Tech.co recently published the infographic below, created by startup blog Funders and Founders. It provides a list of late bloomers who came into their own abilities later in life—partly due to factors like un-supportive families, geography, no money, or a simple lack of direction.

A few of these figures (like Paul Cézanne, who had never painted until the oh-so-ancient age of 20) might only be inspiring for angst-ridden college students who’ve switched majors a few too many times. However, personalities like Martha Stewart, who did no home decorating until age 35, or artist Grandma Moses, who started painting at age 78, prove that for many people, their twenties, thirties, and even forties are sometimes only warm-up decades. 

[h/t Tech.co]