Focus Better With a Lamp That Only Turns On When You Silence Your Phone


While plenty of us recognize that our phones are a distraction, actually putting the phone away and getting down to business isn’t always easy. A new lamp design forces you to consciously put your phone aside in order to access the light.

Tranquilo (spotted by Co.Design) only turns on when you place your smartphone on top of its base. As it turns the light on, the dock automatically switches the phone to Do Not Disturb mode, silencing any pings and buzzes that might lure you away from the task at hand. While you can turn Do Not Disturb off, it takes an extra step to turn the ringer back on after your phone's been automatically silenced, which encourages people to go just a little bit longer without digital connection. 

The light itself is housed in a standalone container that can either be attached to the lamp’s base or removed to use as a source of ambient light elsewhere—kind of like an electric candle. Created by a team of designers including Avid Kadam, Ruya Akyol, Jules McGannon, and Yong-Ming Wang as part of a master’s degree in product design at the Domus Academy in Milan, the lamp is just a concept right now and isn’t for sale, but we’ll be first in line when it is. 

[h/t Co.Design]

All images courtesy Avid Kadam