Taco Bell Plans to Test Tasty New Store Layouts

Jake Rossen
Business Wire
Business Wire / Business Wire

With only so many ways to pack cheese and ground beef into a shell, Taco Bell is looking to change up something beyond their menu: The Irvine, California-based franchise will test four distinct restaurant designs in Orange County locations beginning this summer, Ad Age reports.

The templates—which feature pendant lightning, wood furniture, and color accents, not normally seen in most of their 7000 U.S. locations—are called “Urban Edge,” “Modern Explorer," "California Sol," and "Heritage."

The "Modern Explorer" Design. Image Credit: Business Wire

So far, Taco Bell’s previous attempt to change its look has been well-received. The new “Cantina” remodel in Chicago and San Francisco locations debuted to positive reviews last fall.

If these new test stores are successful, Taco Bell is likely to expand the concept to more markets. According to Ad Age, Atlanta is the next urban area up for consideration. 

Still, you shouldn’t expect them to get too ambitious in trying to compete with seasoned-beef rival Chipotle. The company recently attempted to open a non-branded concept store, called the U.S. Taco Company, in Huntington Beach, California, and the experiment ended with the restaurant closing its doors.

[h/t Ad Age]