Tetris: The Movie Set to Puzzle Audiences Soon

Jake Rossen
Sony Pictures Entertainment via YouTube
Sony Pictures Entertainment via YouTube / Sony Pictures Entertainment via YouTube

Since being created in a Soviet computer lab by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, the block puzzle game Tetris has sold over 170 million copies across multiple platforms—and cost fans countless hours of playtime. But Threshold Global Studios is hoping you have a couple more to spare for Tetris: The Movie.

According to Deadline, the team behind the Chinese-American partnership is taking the final steps to secure the $80 million in funding needed to realize a live-action film adaptation of the game, which requires users to flip and maneuver puzzle pieces so they can make—then erase—one continuous line. While addictive, there appears to be no story to speak of. That doesn’t seem to faze producer Larry Kasanoff, who helped usher the 1990s fighting game Mortal Kombat to theaters.

“It’s not at all what you think,” he told Deadline of the sci-fi trilogy. “It will be a cool surprise.”

The big-screen version of Tetris joins the recently announced adaptations of Atari favorites Missile Command and Centipede as projects looking to capitalize on video game nostalgia. The former’s distinctive pieces also made a cameo in the 2015 Adam Sandler film Pixels.

[h/t Deadline]