Inside the LEGO Master Builders' Massive Model Shop

Alvin Ward

Remember that one kid growing up who seemed to have all the LEGO sets at her house? If that used to make you insanely jealous, we recommend watching the video above (via WIRED) with caution. In it, LEGO Master Builders Robbie McCarthy and Bill Gowdy give a tour through the LEGOLAND model shop. It’s where the LEGO geniuses design all the incredible models that fill LEGOLAND, and it’s also where they keep all the LEGO bricks needed to build those models—over three million bricks in total.

McCarthy shows off the 3D modeling software LEGO Master Builders use to design the models—a program that looks a lot like normal architectural CAD software (except you can build dragons with it, of course). For the full tour, check out the video above. And if it looks like something you’d like to do every day (of course it does), find out what it takes to be a LEGO designer here.

[h/t WIRED]

Banner Images via WIRED // YouTube