Werner Herzog Will Teach You Filmmaking Online

Jake Rossen
Master Class
Master Class / Master Class

Cinephiles know Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man; Aguirre, the Wrath of God) as the slightly eccentric German filmmaker who once boiled and ate his own shoe after losing a bet and who threatened to kill one of his actors on set. Now he’d like to be your mentor.

MasterClass, an online education portal, announced Wednesday that Herzog will be heading a multi-chapter lesson plan advising budding filmmakers on everything from obtaining financing to scouting locations. (But not storyboards, which he dismisses as “an instrument of the cowards.”) The director joins the site’s growing cast of A-list talent—which already includes Usher, novelist James Patterson, and Kevin Spacey—in providing career tutorials for $90 each.

The director has previously said film school is not necessary, and technical skills can be learned in less than a week (in fact, he teaches his own seminar, which he's dubbed Rogue Film School, that takes place over just four days). Pre-enrollment for his classes, which provide over five hours of content, is now open.