Nintendo’s Unreleased Snow White Game Recovered After 25 Years

Rudie Obias

Back in 1991, video game developer SOFEL and movie studio Filmation teamed up to develop Happily Ever After, an adventure game based on an animated Snow White feature film of the same name that was to be released that year. Unfortunately, due to legal and copyright issues between Disney and Filmation, Happily Ever After wasn’t released until 1993—and was both a critical and box office bomb. Because of the movie’s shortcomings, SOFEL delayed and eventually canceled the release of Happily Ever After for the NES. The video game remained unreleased and “lost” until Sean McGee, a game designer and collector from Austin, Texas, found a prototype copy from an undisclosed private seller.

Although the game is incomplete, the prototype features four full stages of play centered around Snow White trying to save Prince Charming from the Evil Queen’s brother. The gameplay has been described as “pretty hardcore,” with elements of both Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden, only with a fairy tale setting.

McGee created a playable emulation of Happily Ever After, which is downloadable.

[h/t Destructoid

Images courtesy NES Happily Ever After/YouTube