Giant Bookshelf Is Fitted to Play Tetris With LED Lights

Rebecca OConnell

After deciding to propose to his girlfriend, Øyvind Berntsen realized the best way to pop the question was by building a 4-by-5-meter bookshelf, installing LED lights to each shelf, and then programming in a playable game of Snake (she said yes). Following the success of his first project, Berntsen returned to the bookshelf to install a playable game of Tetris.

His fiancée, Nadia Tokerud, put up a video of the gigantic game on YouTube. With a 14 by 9 square grid, the ratio is off, but apparently the game still works smoothly. You can't see the score on the bookshelf, but it can be found on the machine that runs the program. Tokerud said on YouTube that the set-up is mostly for impressing guests instead of racking up high scores, so the lack of visible scoring isn't much of a design flaw. 

[h/t Contemporist]

Primary image courtesy of YouTube.