Watch a Hypnotic Time-Lapse of Sheet Music Being Drawn By Hand


Drawing musical notation by hand requires precision, attention to detail, and plenty of patience. While it’s easy to dash off a few sloppy bars of music on a sheet of printed staff paper, drawing musical notation worthy of framing is a totally different story. Justin Greak has mastered that rare skill. He sells custom hand-drawn sheet music and sound wave art on Etsy, creating beautiful charcoal visualizations of customers’ favorite songs.

In the short time-lapse video above, Greak shows off his skills, starting with a sheet of blank paper before covering it in carefully spaced lines and tightly-packed notes. Using charcoal, a ruler, graphite, and a triangle, Greak meticulously transcribes a full sheet of music. On his Etsy page, Greak says he spends somewhere between eight and twelve hours on each piece of music he renders. Watching him complete a work in time-lapse, over the course of just 90 seconds, is a hypnotic and strangely relaxing experience.

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner Image Credit: hurricanejustin123, YouTube