You Could Live in a Monticello Replica Mansion in Connecticut


You can’t live on Thomas Jefferson’s Virginian estate of Monticello, but you can get the Monticello experience a few states north, thanks to the whims of a co-founder of Friendly’s. Just before his 100th birthday in 2014, S. Prestley Blake spent $7.5 million to recreate Jefferson’s Charlottesville, Virginia mansion in Somers, Connecticut, the Boston Globe reports.

Now, the updated Monticello (there’s modern heating and electricity inside) is up for sale through an online auction company. The 10,000-square-foot mansion, which the real estate listing calls a “brick for brick recreation,” uses some of the same materials Jefferson used, like bricks handmade in Virginia, and the exterior design and dimensions are all historically faithful to Jefferson’s architectural vision (although aspects of the interior are distinctly modern).

The Monticello-Somers house, placed on a more than 9 acre estate, has five bedrooms, each with its own adjoining bathroom, and an additional four half-baths. There are seven fireplaces and three helicopter pads, just as the third president of the United States would have wanted.

If you have a love of Thomas Jefferson’s design sense and have a few million dollars to spare, the house is being sold via Concierge Auctions on May 31. The last buyer plunked down $4.9 million, if you need a sense of how valuable fake historical sites can be.

[h/t Boston Globe]

All images via Concierge Auctions.