A Bike Specially Designed For Families On the Go

Andrew LaSane

Why push a stroller around your neighborhood, when you can bike it instead? As reported by FastCoDesign, bike company Taga recently released the newest addition to their collection of bike strollers: the Taga 2.0—designed with all the features of the original Taga Bike Stroller at a lower price point.

Following the success of the original Taga Bike Stroller, which retails for $1495 online, Taga spent three years working on a followup. The result is the Taga 2.0, which features a three-wheel base (two in the front) for stability, a specialized steering system with a low center of gravity, and a cargo area with modular components for alternate child seating arrangements, added attachments, or conversion into a platform for hauling supplies.

So far, the response has been positive. Just eight minutes after the product's Kickstarter campaign went live, Taga 2.0 met its $100,000 goal, and the company reports that in the span of 24 hours, backers had pledged over $1 million to see the feature-packed bikes brought to market.

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[h/t FastCoDesign]

Images courtesy of Taga via Kickstarter.