The Newest Smart Watch Includes a Built-In Projector

Michele Debczak

If you like wearables that make you feel like you're living in a spy movie, the Asu Cast One is a perfect fit. As Tech Radar reports, the new smart watch from China comes with a built-in projector that displays its interface on the back of your hand.

The 720 pixel projector can project images at full resolution from a distance of up to about 6.5 feet. Wearers can use the handy feature to view apps on their hand or they can set the watch up on a tripod and project movies onto a nearby wall. The video above shows other possible applications, like displaying a recipe beside your stove as you cook or projecting an alarm clock on the ceiling.

The Asu Cast One was first announced earlier this year, and now the Android-powered device is available to purchase in China for 2999 Yuan, or about $458.

[h/t Tech Radar]

All images courtesy of YouTube.