Sitting in a Bathtub of Water Beads Is as Fun as it Sounds


We recently wrote about how Vat19 discovered that sitting in a bathtub of their clear putty product wasn't such a good idea. And while that semi-solid bath turned out to be mostly painful, it didn't discourage the retailer from experimenting with a few of their other products. Earlier this week they released a video answering some questions about Spitballs—water beads that plump up when they're left in water (sometimes known as jelly beads or water pearls). In the video, they show various ways you can and can't have fun with the beads (sorry, you can't soak them in lighter fluid).

For one demonstration, they had the same guy who took the clear putty bath return to the tub, this time filled with the Spitballs. The result was decidedly much more pleasant than last time.

[h/t Laughing Squid]

Primary image courtesy of YouTube.