Improve Your Listening Skills By Watching This Video


Becoming an expert listener is a surprisingly tough skill to master. You might think all it takes is lending an ear, and not interrupting while someone else speaks, but being a compassionate, active listener is much more complicated than that. It takes insight and tolerance, being able to withhold judgment and disagree with respect—and above all, it requires taking a genuine interest in others, according to the short video above, titled “Being a Good Listener.”

Useful for anyone hoping to become a better conversationalist, develop trust in professional relationships, or build better friendships, the video from The School of Life explains both how to listen and why being a good listener is so essential in the first place.

“Being a good listener is one of the most important and enchanting life skills anyone can have,” The School of Life explains. “Yet few of us know how to do it, not because we’re evil, but because no one has taught us how, and, related point, no one has listened to us.”

Learn how to be a better listener by watching (and listening to) the video above.

[h/t Lifehacker]

Banner Image Credit: The School of Life, YouTube