Watch What Happens When You Cover a Trampoline in Water Balloons


Don’t try this at home! Engineer Mark Rober, who has previously worked at NASA and designed high-tech Halloween costumes, just unveiled his latest project: A trampoline covered in water balloons. Rober and his nephews wanted to see what the bouncing, popping water balloons would look like in slow motion, so they filled up 1500 balloons and started filming as they jumped.

The video above reveals how water balloons of different sizes move when they’re bounced into the air, and how water disperses when the balloons are popped. It’s a fascinating little physics project disguised as a fun video of a truly joyful spring day. “One of my greatest ambitions in life is for my nephews to consider me their favorite uncle,” Rober explains in the video. “Which is why today we got a trampoline, a real nice high speed camera, and 1500 water balloons.”

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner Image Credit: Mark Rober, YouTube