This Bottle Opener Messages Your Friends When It's Drinking Time

Andrew LaSane

Not being able to grab a drink with friends doesn't mean you can't all share the moment together. There's now a Kickstarter design project for a one-handed bottle opener with a built-in smart board that messages your buddies when the device is used so everyone can toast from wherever they are.

The BOx (Bottle Opener X) was created by a team of three friends who hail from different countries. Handmade out of wood and stainless steel, the opener features a hook, a finger loop, and an angled neck so that when it is placed over the cap of a bottle, the user need only squeeze the hand that is already holding the bottled beverage of his/her choice.

The board inside is powered by a single AA battery and connects via WiFi to a smartphone app. The opener is held together by two hex screws, so replacing the battery is a simple enough task. The BOx app allows users to track and share the number of bottles they've opened, with awards for certain milestones.

A pledge of $18 reserves your BOx bottle opener (battery included) once the project meets its $15,264 goal. Check out the campaign video above to see the opener in action and to see all the fun you could be having.

[h/t Popular Mechanics]

Images via Kickstarter