Watch This Snake Ruin a Timelapse of a Robin's Nest


One cool thing about photographing nature is that you never know what will happen. Just ask YouTuber Tan Nguyen, who, according to IFL Science, set up a GoPro above a robin's nest to capture a timelapse of its babies hatching. Instead of witnessing the miracle of new life, Nyugen got to see the exact opposite when a snake slithered its way up the tree to dine on the unhatched eggs.

Because of the shakiness of the timelapse footage, it's hard to tell if the mother robin leaves the nest because of the snake's arrival or if the snake was lying in wait until she did (or if Nguyen edited the footage). Regardless, the snake wastes virtually no time before it pokes its head into the nest and starts swallowing the bright blue eggs whole. It even hangs out for a while at the crime scene to allow the free meal to digest. The short clip ends before the mother bird returns, which is probably for the best.

[h/t IFL Science]

Images via YouTube