LEGO Master Creates Pop Up Sculpture of Japan's Himeji Castle


Pop-up books and LEGO bricks were originally designed for children, but one expert builder has developed a technique that combines both into something incredibly sophisticated. Nerdist recently shared a video by a YouTuber called talapz, which showcases a large sculpture he made of the Himeji Castle, a landmark in Japan that dates back to the 13th century. There are no adhesives of any kind holding the creation together, according to Nerdist. The castle and platform are the result of 15 months of work, and together they weigh around 27 pounds. While beautiful in its own right, what makes talapz's build even more impressive is its seemingly impossible ability to fold over onto itself as if it were made of paper. Watch talapz unfold the castle in the clip above.

[h/t Nerdist]

Images via YouTube