Watch This Competitive Eater Down a Giant Bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch


We all love cereal, but here's a bowl that might be too big for even the most loyal Cinnamon Toast Crunch fans. Laughing Squid recently shared a video from Matt "Megatoad" Stonie that documents the pro eater's attempt at polishing off not one, but two "giant size" boxes of CTC and a full gallon of milk.

The human stomach isn't normally capable of holding that much food—roughly 175 ounces by our estimation—which is why Stonie and other competitive eaters have to train before attempting these kinds of feasting feats. By his calculations, the super breakfast bowl added 7700 calories, 206 grams of fat, and 586 grams of sugar to his diet, which exceeds what any normal person should have in the span of three days.

The attempt is not without struggle, but Stonie does manage to pull through. "Maybe I should do more cereal challenges," he says, "they're kind of fun." If you're looking for more incredible acts of eating, head over to Stonie's YouTube page where he chows down on (among other things) an 11,000 calorie bowl of ice cream, a giant grilled-cheese sandwich, and 200 Peeps.

[h/t Laughing Squid]

Banner image credit: YouTube.