Combat Juggling Is Not Your Average Full-Contact Sport

Anna Green

Juggling is already an impressive feat, involving superior hand-eye coordination and great timing. But combat jugglers take the sport to a whole new level. It's a bizarre and surprisingly joyful sport, one where combat jugglers attempt to knock or steal each other’s pins out of the air, generally sabotaging each other’s juggling. Performed in groups or pairs, the rules are simple: the last “combateer" still juggling is the victor.

In the video above, a couple of champion combateers duke it out in the semi-finals of this year’s Netherlands Juggling Festival Fight Night. The two jugglers perform some pretty amazing feats as they attempt to knock each other’s pins down, diving towards each other, body checking, and sprinting across the gym while miraculously keeping their own pins in the air.

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Banner Image Credit: Luke Burrage, YouTube