Facebook Will Now Let You Livestream All Day Long

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Facebook Live is a new feature that allows users to broadcast real-time feeds through the social network, and since its launch, brands and individuals have been experimenting with just how to use it. There's been everything from a childbirth to an exploding watermelon, but the bar has just been raised for the kind of content that can beamed out live. According to Tech Crunch, Facebook has done away with the 90-minute limit, giving users the power to broadcast for a full day (24 hours, to be exact).

The Continuous Live Video API opens up a lot of possibilities for the platform, but the newfound freedom does come with caveats. Unlike with the 90-minute clips, broadcasters will not be able to save the longer videos for future use, and viewers will not be able to replay or rewind the content after the stream has ended.

Tech Crunch also reports that Facebook's list of Live API broadcasting partners has grown from just 12 at launch to over 100 today. That, combined with other new features like geogating (which limits viewers to a certain area), age-gating, on-screen graphics and multi-camera broadcasting, suggest that the feature and its capabilities are only just getting started.

[h/t Tech Crunch]

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