All the U.S. Military Vehicles Fit to Print in One Poster

Shaunacy Ferro

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In the ranks of military spending, the United States spends more than the next seven countries on the list combined, making its defense budget by far the biggest in the world. While not everyone agrees with those budget priorities, one thing is for sure: The U.S. has a lot of military technology, including a whole host of vehicles that most of us only encounter as part of a G.I. Joe set.

The infographic mavens at Pop Chart Lab cataloged every single military vehicle currently in service in their new poster, dividing tanks, jets, submarines, drones, aircraft carriers, and more into their respective classes, sub-classes, and branches of military service. Whether you see the poster as a celebration of American technological prowess or a rather terrifying list of deadly machines is up to you, but it certainly puts the scale and diversity of U.S. military power in a new light.

It’s available for $37 here.

All images courtesy Pop Chart Lab