Clever Art Installation Makes the Louvre's Pyramid Disappear


Since 1989, the three-story glass pyramid in front of the Louvre has been just as much a part of the museum as the artwork inside. That is, until French artist JR got a hold of it: From now through June 27, the Louvre's pyramid will be part of an art installation that makes the Paris icon appear to vanish from view, The Wall Street Journal reports.

To erase the pyramid from the museum's courtyard, a team of six people spent days plastering it with large black-and-white photos of the buildings that surround it. The final product is an optical illusion that makes the structure seem to disappear when viewed from a certain angle. The finishing touches were made on the project this week, and it will remain up as part of JR's month-long exhibition at the museum.

JR is a street artist best known for his large portraits of ordinary people. His Louvre installation marks the first time he hasn't included human faces in his work, and unlike some of his other projects, it was something he received permission to do. JR's collaboration with the museum will extend even further on May 28, when the artist will stage a 24-hour Louvre takeover featuring screenings, workshops, magic shows, and a concert.



[h/t The Wall Street Journal]